Wednesday, September 05, 2012

#SourBeerDay is September 8th

I love sour beers. One of my #GABF goals every year is to try every sour I come across. As I've mentioned before, I plan on making a sour beer sometime in the "near" future.

I have just learned that September 8th is #SourBeerDay.

It is, obviously, like #IPADay and #StoutDay, only instead of celebrating IPAs and Stouts, this twitter holiday celebrates sour beers of all sorts.

The first sour beer I ever had was a happy accident. My first GABF, I came to the New Belgium booth very early in the night. In fact, I had only had one sample up until that point. I walked up, pointed to a random keg labeled "Eric's Ale", and asked for "some of that". Had I asked what "Eric's Ale" was, I don't know if I would have tried it, since I had never experienced a sour ale before.

But, I loved it. I absolutely loved it. I am bummed out that I have never found it since then. Since then, I have made it my mission at every GABF I have been to (this year will be my third) to try as many sours as possible.

I have never met a sour beer I have not liked. I suppose I am lucky in this, because sours are by no means easy to make. Quite often they take a long time to become wonderfully drinkable.

I do not drink them all the time. They are a rare treat for me. My wife doesn't like them. Lots of people don't, but I think more probably would if they would take the chance and give one a try.

So, this year, on September 8th (this coming Saturday), try to find yourself a sour beer.

Any of the BJCP category 17 styles are wonderful:
After you try your sour, give @SourBeerDay a #SourBeerDay tweet. If you don't use twitter, stop by the Sour Beer Day facebook page and leave a comment.

I don't guarantee that you'll love it, but I bet if you give it a chance, more of you will be pleasantly surprised than disappointed.


EDIT: I got a tweet suggesting that I check out Crooked Stave's taproom for #SourBeerDay. Seems like a great suggestion.

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