Monday, September 03, 2012

2012 Duck Race Pictures

The Colorado Shepards attended the Breckenridge Duck Races again this year.

We are now officially on a winning streak. Connor's duck came in 28th in the Kids' Duck Dash and came away with a gift certificate to one of Breckenridge's fine establishments (in your face, Tweedle Beetles).

Here are some pictures:

Here is a video that Tyler did. Note how Tyler set up the filter so that the yellow of the ducks came through but everything else is black and white. Pretty cool effect.

Happy Labor Day everyone.


  1. Congrats, Connor! Love the duck shirts :)

  2. We had to buy new duck shirts this year. Connor's was not even close to fitting, and Tyler's was obviously not going to fit much longer. We probably should have offered you Connor's last year shirt for your youngest when you were visiting.

  3. Fantastic post and beautiful images. love your duck shirt.

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