Friday, September 28, 2012

Bicycle Built for 7

This past Saturday, the Colorado Shepards drove up to Fort Collins Colorado.

We decided to check out "Swetsville Zoo". Bill Swets is a retired farmer who has a talent for welding and metal fabrication. Over the years, he was created hundreds of sculptures out of scrap metal. It is really amazing.

The most amazing thing to me is that admission is free. There is a little donation box, in which we made a deposit, but this is completely voluntary.

The entrance

Metal dinosaur chewing on the boy's arm

Lead singer of "Heavy Metal Band"

Making our own music

Slug bug

Two headed dragon

I don't remember this guy's name

After the zoo, we headed into down-town Fort Collins and had lunch. Pretty good.

And after lunch, we noticed that Fortoberfest was going on. Fortoberfest was "A funky hometown celebration of bicycles, bands and beer!"

My wife and I had some beer. The boys had some ice cream. We all listened to music.

But the coolest, most awesome thing we did at the festival was ride a septocyle. Apparently, you and five of your closest friends can rent this to ride around town. My understanding is that the rental comes with a driver. I got a business card from the guy driving us around, but am not sure where the card is now.

The seven people sit in a circle. The driver faces forward and has a steering wheel. Everyone else faces towards the center. This mean someone (this time, my wife) peddles forward but goes backward. Sort of strange ... but incredibly fun.

We had a hard time convincing the boys to get off and let someone else ride.

Fort Collins has pianos in random places on the street. The boys enjoyed playing this one:

So we had a fun time this weekend. For multiple reasons, I really like Fort Collins. I wish it was not such a long drive to get there.

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