Wednesday, October 05, 2022

2022 Q3 (and 2) SheppyBrew Stats

Well ... crap ... here it is the end of Q3 ... and I just realized I never reported on SheppyBrew's 2nd Quarter.

Oh well.

As you may know, the Brewery likes to post quarterly updates on how much we have brewed. You can see all these updates (including the one you are reading right now) by following this link: Sheppy's Blog: Brew Stats.

You just will not see one for 2022 Q2. I think this is the first quarter I missed since I started doing these updates.

Must be getting old.

So ... just a quick update on the 2nd quarter ... I brewed 5 batches of beer for 26 gallons. There were 2 new recipes during that time, and I brewed 2 lagers.

Colorado Vienna Lager

Ok ... with that out of the way ... In Q3, I brewed 7 batches of beer (6 if you combine the double batch I did). This was 37 gallons of beer.

Summer Lovin' American Wheat

This puts my 2022 total at 93 gallons of beer, and puts me on track for 125ish gallons by the end of the year. If projections hold, this will be my third highest annual volume of beer ever brewed.

Of those 7 batches of beer, only one was a new recipe (Brian Phelps Pale Ale). That puts my new recipe total at 6 so far for 2022.

Shoddy Pale Ale

I brewed a couple of lagers this quarter (half the batch of N.T.S. Faux Pilsner and Jethro Bud Nelson Merican Lite Lager). My total for the year is now 7 lagers in 2022.

N.T.S. Faux and Real Pilsner

All the batches have been all-grain and all except the double batch of N.T.S. Faux Pilsner have been in the Anvil Foundry.

Brian Phelps Pale Ale

I did compare the two versions of N.T.S. Faux Pilsner and decided that (see N.T.S. Faux vs Actual Pilsner) while there certainly was a noticeable difference, I'm ok with the Voss yeast for this beer. In fact I think I liked it better.

Jethro Bud Nelson Merican Lite Lager

I've already brewed a batch of beer in the 4th quarter, but you'll have to keep an eye on the blog to know what that was.

I have a few Seasonals I'm planning on brewing this next quarter. Learn to Homebrew Day is coming up in November, and I hope I'll get to brew with Doc and/or Du.

Other than that ... I'm not sure what the next quarter will bring.

Stay tuned and you'll find out shortly after I do.

Falling Leaves Autumn Saison

As always, stay tuned on the regular SheppyBrew Channels to see what is happening with beer and other things: SheppyBrew's Facebook Page; Sheppy's Twitter Feed; SheppyBrew's Instagram Page; and SheppyBrew's Website.

Of course, don't forget to visit this blog often as well!

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