Saturday, October 01, 2022


If you follow me at all on this blog or facebook or instagram .. you know that I've been participating in the Great Cycle Challenge all last month.

I've pledged to ride September to raise money and awareness for the Children's Cancer Research Fund.


My original goal was to raise $2500 and ride 1000 miles. I ended up significantly higher than that.... just over $5000 and 1200 miles.

Not going to lie ... I'm feeling pretty good about myself. Not bad for an old couch potato.

Over the month, I got on my bike 29 out of 30 days. Over those 29 days, I averaged 41 miles.

My longest ride was 105.7 miles. (#GCCUSA2022 Ride #3). The least number of miles I've ridden in a day was 13 miles yesterday to get me over 1200 for the month.

I also climbed over 46,000 feet over the course of the month.

I averaged 1,609 feet climbed per day. The most was 4829 feet on my longest ride (#GCCUSA2022 Ride #3). The lowest number was also yesterday ... 522 feet.

Riding so much over September obviously helped me make progress toward my #5000MilesIn2022 and #10EverestsIn2022 goals.

As I type this, I have ridden 4,907 miles over 2022, so I'll probably pass 5000 early next week. Honestly, I'll probably be over 6000 miles before the end of the year.

I've climbed 250,282 feet, which means I only need about 40,000 feet to go. That should be "easy" with 3 months to go.

So ... here I am ... patting myself on my back ... feeling pretty proud of myself. 

But don't forget ... the main reason for the Great Cycle Challenge isn't for me ... its for the children who fight cancer every day. I'm hoping that soon childhood cancer will be eliminated and I'll have to find another reason to ride.

Don't forget ... you can continue to donate through the end of October ...

And ... I'll have the same page in 2023!

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Go Bears!

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