Sunday, March 06, 2022

Catching up #5000MilesIn2022 and #10Everestsin2022

Today is March 6th. 

Last year by March 6th, I had cycled around 787 miles and climbed 52,937 feet while biking.

As I mentioned last month, I've started much slower this year than last. I think mostly this is has to do with less cooperative weather, but I've also perhaps been a bit more lazy this year than last.

So far in 2022, Strava says I've cycled 783 miles and climbed 4,217 feet.

I'm actually catching up. If I were to divide my riding equally over the year, order to reach 5,000 miles for the year (my Strava goal #5000MilesIn2022), I am now 108 miles behind plan.

I'm 8,327 feet behind plan to get to #10EverestsIn2022

Last month, I was 190.7 miles and 12,333 feet behind, so I'm making up ground. And, since I ride much more in summer months than winter months, I am likely to catch up as long as both my bikes and I stay healthy.

We did get a decent snow last night, so I won't be riding today. We'll see how I do this week.

I'm sure eventually we'll get to more consistently spring- like weather soon.

I've also done Strava "Gran Fondos" (at least 100km long rides) once in each of January, February, and March. I think I'm going to try to make sure I get at least one metric century in every month this year. We'll see. I've already done the most difficult months.

So ... that is how my cycling is going so far in 2022. I'll probably continue to give updates all year round.

And ... don't forget ... I'm raising money again to fight kid's cancer and riding 1000 miles in September ...

If you'd like to support this effort ... donate at

Even better, sign up yourself. If you let me know your Rider Page link, I'd be happy to share it on this blog.

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